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Style on Stage - Basics of Competition/Stage Preparation

Stage Preparation

Over the past 20+ years I have tanned, taught, dressed, posed, prepped and primped thousands of girls (and guys).  I work with every level of competitor from beginners through to national and international champions in bodybuilding, figure, fitness and sports model categories. Whichever division you choose to enter you will find plenty of hints and tips to improve your onstage presentation.

Believe it or not quite a few clients start preparation well over 12 months prior to their first show. You may not have that amount of time available to you but please, don’t leave it until the last minute.  I have listed a few things you need to consider:-

  • When do you want to compete?
  • Have you given yourself enough time to get into the necessary condition?
  • What shows are being held at your chosen time?
  • Which federations are running these shows?
  • Do any of the federations have specific rules/regulations you need to be aware of?
  • What categories are being run at this show and which best suits you?

Most female categories require you to wear shoes so getting them early will ensure you have plenty of time to practise walking, posing, turning and standing still (yes, even standing still in your platform shoes can be a struggle for some).  Many competitors make it look easy but there are some that look awkward and uncomfortable and no one wants to see anyone tottering or stumbling around on stage.  Choosing a suitable height for your shoes will be determined by quite a few factors that we will cover in future issues.

If you are entering a bikini model/sports model/fitness model category you will require a custom made bikini.  This does not mean you have to spend a small fortune on a bikini, but an “off the rack” swimsuit from the local shopping centre will look just like that.  A good stage bikini is cut differently and is designed to accentuate the best features of your body.

You can expect to pay around $280-$350 for a well designed bikini with little or no decorative work.  The cost will then increase from there with the type of design chosen.  The more elaborate the design or the more crystals used, the more expensive the suit will be.  As an example, Style on Stage has 5 different price ranges for bikinis, so there is something available for any budget.

Choosing the colour of your bikini, type of fabric and design will be as much about your personal taste as it will be about your personality, the image you wish to create and even your preferred tanning products.  Yes, your tan may affect your colour choice.

The best competition bikini makers in Australia will be in high demand for their work.  So do not delay in making contact with one.  Someone experienced in making body building bikinis should know how to fit you for your suit even if you are still months (or kilos) from competing.

One of the most important aspects of competing is posing.  You have trained and dieted hard to achieve the necessary condition for you show, do not waste this with inferior posing.  Too many girls have lost placings due to bad posing while some girls have placed highly due to their amazing presentation and good posing techniques.  Do not make the judges search for you and your body.  You need to learn how to show them your physique in a manner that is pleasing to the eye as well as accentuate your best features (while knowing how to hide the bad).  A good posing coach is invaluable in your preparation.  Find someone with a good eye who will teach you how to showcase your condition and development.

A posing routine has always been part of the bodybuilding competition criteria, but over the past few years the need for routines has been eliminated by some federations. If you do require a routine then make sure you are aware of the time limitation and the format they require your music to be recorded in.  The individual routines are designed to showcase your body, hard work and personality and this can be enhanced by your choice of music. Choosing the right song for your first show can be quite frustrating but hopefully I will help make your decision just a little easier.

As your competition day looms closer there are many choices and decisions to be made, including how to style your hair, what sort of jewellery to wear, what tanning products to use, make up, lashes, nails....... the list goes on and on.

Competing in your first bodybuilding show includes so much more than just training and diet.  Being properly prepared can make the difference between looking like a beginner or a polished and professional competitor.

Posted By Jo Rogers on 29th October 2015

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Style on Stage - Basics of Competition/Stage Preparation

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